Slow Internet?

I’m just like you, I’d bet. Frustrated with S-L-O-W #InternetSpeed right now. But actually, I was shocked that the internet itself didn’t crash and burn. Having some background in #InternetTechnology, I thought surely this would be that proverbial straw… Forbes and other resources indicate that traffic has increased 70%. My own sense is that estimate is way too low, but then I am not out there collecting statistics on usage. Just a hunch.

The #GoodNews is, are there steps you can take for yourself to make sure that the things you control are all OK.

He’s not going to tell me to reboot, is he?

Yes, occasionally reboot your #CableModem, #Router, and the devices you connect with to make sure they are running clean and error-free. To reboot your cable modem many #ISPs (#InternetServiceProviders) have a #VoiceMenu when you call their service line that gives you an option to #RebootYourModem. Many also provide that option through a #MobileApp.

You can also run an #InternetSpeedTest at to see if your service is measuring up at any given time.

Baking cookies for a tech-savvy friend or neighborhood geek never hurts, LOL.

At any given time consider that an issue you may be having could be one or more of the following:

  • Your own device – PC, phone, tablet, etc.
  • Your physical location compared to your router if you are on #WiFi
  • Local or common wiring in your locations – some of it may be YOUR responsibility, and some will be your service provider’s responsibility
  • Any of the physical parts such as the actual card in your computer where the cable plugs in or the #WiFiMagic takes place
  • Your cable modem
  • Your wired or WiFi router
  • Your local service provider (#COX #CoxCable #CenturyLink #ATAndT #Verizon #Comcast #BrightHouse, etc.)
  • The internet backbone itself
  • All those same devices listed above in the location owned by the sites and servers that you are connecting to
  • And the actual server(s) you are connecting to
That’s a LOT of “moving parts” and at any given time any one of them, any combination, or all of them at once could be having issues that contribute to what appears on your end as poor performance. So, it may be your ISP. Or maybe not.

OR, maybe the Almighty is just giving your bum and internet break!

Excuse me now, I gotta stand up and move a bit…

#PoorInternetPerformance #SlowInternet 

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