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30fold buy website domain namesYour website domain name is a key foundation of your web presence. Often business owners will try to create a clever acronym or abbreviations strung together. It may sound clever to you, being familiar with the name, but how does it look to others? Will they remember it? Is it too long?

Just like your business name, you want to project the right image. You can have a beautify website, but if no one can remember your website domain name, your word of mouth advertising can easily go out the window.


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You may want to come up with a number of possible domain names and have friends and family, or clients render an opinion. A little marketing research goes a long way.

You should avoid selecting a name that is already taken by another larger entity to avoid confusion. Especially if that entity is a competitor. You will also want to think about protecting your domain name by getting at least the top 3-4 domain TLDs (top-level-domains – e.g. dot-com, dot-net, dot-org). Some very popular churches will even purchase the infamous “dot-xxx” just to make sure no one else buys it and publishes bad things which become associated with the church name and displayed in the results of searches. Read more about domain names and their structure…

Criteria for Selecting the best Domain Name to buy

Try to

But avoid
  • Make it Memorable
  • Keep it short as possible, but no shorter
  • Complete Words
  • Distinct & Unique
  • a name with no “ring” to it
  • longer than necessary
  • acronyms or abbreviations that mean noting to the average person
  • names that sound like someone else’s company or tag line (and avoid a legal action)

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