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New top level domains create future opportunities to get ahead of the curve

how do you get ahead of the curve with domain namesAre you seeking ways to beat competition to the punch, to get ahead of the curve?

Are you seeking ways to beat the competition to the punch, to get ahead of the curve? It’s not always easy. Web prophets abound that tell us what the future of the web will look like. But sometimes it can be straightforward. For years the dot-com domains have ruled the web. If you didn’t have a dot-com, net, or org, you were nuttin.

You may know people, maybe you are one of them, who thinks that no matter what domain you want to visit, your fingers add “www” on the front and “.com” on the end. Certainly, in today’s online business world, the dot-com domain is king. At 30fold Domains, we work with businesses often that have to get very creative in order to get a dot-com domain name that is short and memorable, yet descriptive and powerfully branding.

The culprit is short-term-thinking

Many articles I’ve read on the new domain endings, or top-level-domains, advise avoiding them and going for the dot-com. I totally agree, your primary business website begs for a good dot-com…today. But don’t dismiss the wonderfully creative things you can do with the new top-level-domains.

This is a great area to let your creative juices flow, especially on a more focused, niche driven, micro site. All the other marketing rules still apply, but don’t discount the power of a domain name other than your dot-com that can fit into your strategy. Many such domain names are already in use and are very effective. Consider the forward thinking people who scooped up brand.me or about.me. Dot-ME is one of the top-level-domains based on country name abbreviations just like dot-US and dot-UK. There’s one for each country. There are also more and more generic top-level-domains becoming available that will allow you a lot of flexibility.

New top-level-domains spell “opportunity”

For some, these new top-level-domains or extensions offer the opportunity to finally get their company name. Acme-dot-com has not been available for a long, long time. But maybe, barring a more creative re-branding involving a new company name, you can grab acme-dot-something-else!

Wikipedia keeps a list of top-level-domains or TLDs (you didn’t think techies would miss an opportunity for an acronym, did you?).

How creative can you get with dot-BE, (just-let-it-dot-be?). To that end, be aware that while some countries, such as Columbia (dot-CO) and Montenegro (dot-ME) have figured out this is another source of ongoing residual income (Elvis money), other countries actually restrict you from getting their TLDs unless you live in that country or have a registered business there. But there are plenty of non-restricted TLDs where price is the only inhibitor. You can see if your desired domain name is available and check prices here.

You may have been disappointed that someone thought of grabbing your club’s name as a domain name before you did, but now you can grab QuiltMeAQuilt-dot-CLUB, since “CLUB” is now a TLD. It’s a great alternative for many who could not get the dot-ORG they thought was such a good fit. At 30fold Domains we offer most of the country domain names (assuming you or your entity meet the requirements of that country) as well as most of the generic ones. There are nearly 1000. Here’s a list of some of the one’s we currently offer as of this writing.

  • .com
  • .co
  • .info
  • .org
  • .net
  • .me
  • .us
  • .auto
  • .bar
  • .blog
  • .car
  • .cc
  • .center
  • .city
  • .click
  • .club
  • .co
  • .college
  • .uk.com
  • .br
  • .com.mx
  • .company
  • .de
  • .design
  • .directory
  • .email
  • .expert
  • .guru
  • .house
  • .in
  • .io
  • .it
  • .life
  • .mx
  • .news
  • .online
  • .pet
  • .photography
  • .photos
  • .pro
  • .rocks
  • .services
  • .shop
  • .shopping
  • .solutions
  • .space
  • .tech
  • .technology
  • .tips
  • .today
  • .tube
  • .university
  • .vegas
  • .website
  • .world
  • .xyz

What others? How about dot-lol? There are nearly a thousand, so if you are not sure, add a guess to your search and see what comes up. For example, search for TheNameYouWant-dot-YouAreKiddingRisht and see if the extension (TLD) “YouAreKiddingRight” exists. So snap and share your dot-photos while giving travel-dot-tips and offering valuable-dot-services. In the world of buying domain names that put you ahead of the curve so you can tell your competition, “thats-dot-life”.

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