Understand Different Types of Web Hosting Plans

Understand Different Types of Web Hosting Plans

If you are new to web hosting, the plethora of plans and plan types can stifle the imagination. Will shared hosting be sufficient? Do you need a dedicated server? First, let’s figure our just what each of these are.

Shared Hosting

As the term implies, shared hosting is where you share the actual machine your website is on with many others. There may be hundreds or even thousands of other sites being served off the same machine. For most. starting off with a shared server plan saves big bucks and delivers all the power and space needed.

Virtual Dedicated Server

With a virtual dedicated server plan, you are still sharing the hardware, but you have more of it. You are sharing it with fewer other tenants. You have more control, and you have more responsibility. But you are less likely to hit limitations in disc space, memory, and bandwidth. A virtual dedicated server is literally “machine inside a machine”. The software allows the server to compartmentalize a “virtual computer” that can be get slow, have errors, and even be rebooted, all without affecting the other virtual machines on the single physical computer.

Dedicated Server Plans

When you reach the place where you know you need to be “all alone on the box” you are talking about a dedicated server plan. You may still have multiple sites on the box, but they will all be your sites. Some people actually buy our dedicated server plans, then run their own shared hosting plan from it. Those folks are probably not reading this … and would not need to. This is a great plan for someone who want to design websites and host them their self.

How can you know if you need a dedicated plan? Speak to one of our friendly tech reps at 480-420-4678. Be sure to let them know you were visiting www.30foldDomains.com, and you just need help figuring our which hosting plan fits your needs. But 95% of you will need a shared hosting plan. You may grow out of it, but that’s OK. Moving up it not that hard to do. So unless you have reason to believe you will grow out of shared hosting within a few months, save some dollars and get shared hosting.

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