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30fold Domains Website Hosting BannerThe easiest way to understand website hosting is to think of it as your hard-drive on the internet, a file drawer in your office that you share with the world. You can put things in that drawer and make them available to only some (protected, or certain level of login required) or to everyone. A good hosting provider will not only allow you to share your information, it will also help keep it safe from bad things and bad people.


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  • Ideal for small business and start-ups, blogs, eCommerce or personal websites. Shared Web Hosting Plans vary in services and price. They are an economical way to get your message out on the web. “Shared” simply means you are not alone on the specific computer. The typical web server can easily handle many websites. As you grow, you can always migrate your site to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicated Server.
    Like the Shared Web Hosting Plans above, our WordPress blog sites are powerful yet economical. They have the added feature of having WordPress pre-installed for you which is a huge time-saver, not to mention patience and learning curve. Face it, you want to share information, not become a programmer, right?
    Ultimate control & performance. The Dedicated Server. This simply means the entire box, the whole server…is yours. No one is sharing your disc space, central processing unit (CPU) or memory. If you are ready for the big time you can size a server to suit your high-powered needs and still not break the bank.
  • A VIrtual Private Server, or VPS, gives you greater performance than Shared Hosting, at a smaller cost than a Dedicated Server. So what the heck is VPS? You are still sharing a physical machine, physical disc space, and memory, but there’s a nice fence between you and your neighbors. So good in fact that they could actually crash their part of the server, but you’d keep right on truckin. It’s possible the computer you are working on right now has the ability to be a VPS, but perhaps would not perform as well as one of our industrial strength machines. It’s a great middle step that can help you control costs as you grow.
    Store, back up & share your files online. Sometimes, you are not looking for a web server. Maybe you just want to share information and files with others in your business…or not in your business. You can actually “rent a disc drive in the sky” so to speak. You may have heard it called Cloud Storage. All it means is, somewhere on the internet there’s a computer with some disc space that you control in terms of access where you can share files, back up your hard drive, and more. You know how important backing up your computer is. But what if your backups are lost in a disaster. This is where Off Site Backup can save the day, and that’s just one of many ways you can use your Online Storage.

Frequently asked questions about website hosting

I am a product distributor. My company has a website for me. Do I need to buy a website hosting plan?

Probably not. If your company provides a website for you, chances are you don’t need to buy website hosting. All you need is your own branded domain name to point to it. Pointing a domain at another website is called domain forwarding. This is typically the case if you are part of a multi-level-marketing company, or you have a pre-made store from a company like 30fold or Amazon. This will also be true if you have a blog on one of the popular online blog platforms such as WordPress.com or Blogger.com. 

OK, so I purchased hosting. Now what?

That’s a BIG question. There are many ways to approach building and publishing your website. If you’d like to schedule a no-cost initial consultation with a web professional to talk about your project, you can do that by clicking right here.

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