How to Create Your Own Blog

How to Create Your Own Blog

A lot of times when I talk to people about blogging, eyes glaze over. But if you are going to make any kind of dent in the internet, blogging is an essential weapon to have in your arsenal. Blog well and you can do great things for yourself. Perhaps you have a soapbox to stand on, information to publish, and opinion you feel is important. A blog is a great easy way to accomplish all these goals. There are many resources available to create your own blog such as and—but what if you want to create your own BRANDED Blog? What does it mean—BRANDED Blog? That means your blog not only has your name on it, but you actually own the domain name. So rather than sending traffic to, you wend them to a domain name you own, like

So, what is blogging? Blogging can be compared to online journaling. Functionally, maintaining a blog is no more difficult than writing an email. However, setting up a blog may be more difficult. There are plenty of free services out there that will offer you a free blog. Why free? Because content is king. What you are essentially doing is offering your services as a writer for free. They are going to advertise on your blog pages. You, through your blogging prowess are going to attract visitors and readers who will click on their ads, strategically placed on your page based on very cleaver algorithms that predict the type of reader who will be attracted to your work. So, is it really free if you donate hours of your valuable time to their benefit? Any clue what they would pay for all that writing?

Enter, the branded blog. What’s a “branded” blog? It is simply a blog where if there are any ads – you get paid. The domain name – it belongs to you, and hopefully, if you have planned well, deepens people’s memory of you and what you do. Take 30fold for example. 30fold is our “Brand” name. We have 30fold, Inc. represented by We protected our brand by buying most of the important TLD’s, dot-com, dot-net, and dot-org. We branded deeper with our blogs. Another division of our company provides a powerful legal and identity protection service benefit, and a business opportunity we provide at

When you use a branded blog, branded with your domain, each time you add an article you deepen the impact of your branding effort. That is, you are getting double duty. You are not stopping other activity and branding as a discrete activity. This is a great time multiplier – a veritable multifunctional Swiss Army Knife of your time.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Setting up a blog is often not a trivial pursuit. We make it super easy to create your own with our automated tools. Select a new or existing domain, and WordPress® Site/Blog, and within minutes you will be creating your first entry on the internet. Wordpress is indeed the most widely used blogging tool out there. And, if you want a WordPress blog, we make that easy as well. WordPress is one of the many value added applications you can install with just the click of a button into any of our 30fold Domains hosting solutions, or get your blog and hosting as a single, affordable bundle.

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