Professional Email Marketing

Professional Email Marketing

“Professional Email Marketing”—almost seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it. We often think of SPAMMERS, and unprofessional sales people when we hear the term “email marketing,” but nearly everything these days is marketed through email from new cars to fake watches. The question is how to I engage in email marketing without being a SPAMMER, and without breaking any SPAM laws. The answer is, it isn’t easy, unless of course you are using s tool like 30fold Domain’s Express Email Marketing. Express Email Marketing is a perfect tool to help you collect customer information, then keep up with those customers through online newsletters and email newsletters. Let your website visitors easily subscribe and unsubscribe.

Express Email Marketing will help yo with your list creations, as well as creation of professional looking email campaigns and newsletters. And it integrates with the other tools form 30fold Domains.

Plans start at under $10 a month.

Regardless of which tool you select, becoming a professional at it takes some education and practice. Here are some of the basic elements.

Have something to say. Sounds intuitive, I know, but think about how many newsletters you get that waste your time and say nothing important at all. Provide value to those whose in-boxes you intent to fill.

Use a professional tool. This too, goes without saying. Your readers need to be able to subscribe or unsubscribe without your personal intervention. A good tool will help you be mindful of the laws in the country or region to which you are emailing.

Have a target customer profile, and market to that target. If your target is young married mothers from 25-35 who stay at home with their children, aim for that target when you gather email addresses as well as when you write. The more specific you are the less likely you are to have a reader who thinks your emails provide no value. Poor targeting (bad aim) is the number one cause of email getting marked or thought of as SPAM.

Build your list. How? Well, let’s start with how not to. Don’t mindlessly scrape addresses from websites. You actually need people’s permission to send them commercial email. The legal definition of SPAM has little to do with the value, veracity, or volume of your content. It comes down to, “did the recipient give you express permission to send them email?”

You can gather people’s permission in many ways, from simply asking to online forms they fill out. We will perhaps go deeper into the mechanics in another post, but there is already a ton of content that will educate your on professional email marketing.

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